Manna Nutrition Logo - White

Logo Concept

Manna Nutrition offers tailored nutritional advice through private consultations using nutritional therapy.

They needed a logo design that would be recognisable as part of the nutrition industry, but did not follow a ‘spiritual’ appearance that is often associated with companies offering holistic solutions.

The abstract leaf is a symbol often associated with good health and nutrition and was a great base for the logo to be developed from. The addition of the 6 circles in the leaf are to represent 6 manna seeds, which each individually represent one of the 6 main nutrient groups (carbohydrates,  fats,  minerals,  protein,  vitamins, and water). 

Manna Nutrition Logo

Client Comment

Mark was fantastic from start to finish. Being uncreative myself meant that I put my trust in Mark to design me a logo for my new nutrition business, and I could not be happier with the end result. The entire project was completed over email and I was so impressed with Mark’s efficiency and promptness throughout the project. Not only is my logo brilliant the concept behind it was so well researched and understood. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark.

- Hannah Green