Client: Allyson Davies
Skill: Logo Design

I was approached by independent consultant Allyson Davies to create a new logo design for her business.

Allyson specialises in working in the not-for-profit sector and helping develop organisations to reach their maximum potential.

Circles and spirals are often seen as symbols of growth and nurturing, two key aspects of a consultancy business. Helping non-profits grow, and nurturing them through your expertise.

The logo consists of 2 sets of spirals overlaid. 1 to represent yourself, and the level of knowledge and guidance you can bring to an organisation. The second to represent the non-profit itself and the unlimited potential it could gain with your guidance. This is represented in the fact that spirals are an infinite shape that can never end or close itself off.

Purple has been used as the base colour for the brand due its warm and inviting nature whilst retaining a professional feel. Using 2 separate shades allows for a more dynamic appearance to the logo.