Client: CLN Children Services LTD
Skill: Logo Design & Website Design

CLN Children Services is an organisation that specialises in improving failing schools, councils and organisations within the childcare sector.

The logo design for CLN needed to be very simple and clinical; this was to ensure that the company image represents professionalism, and one that could be associated as being council or government oriented.

As the main goal of CLN is to transform organisations that are failing into ones which are thriving, and passing the requirements set out by the government / OFSTED. The solution I came up with was to incorporate a ‘tick’ into the initials of the company. The tick (or check if you’re American) is one of the most universal symbols of success, gaining a pass or a positive result. Therefore, this was the perfect symbol to convey what CLN does in an elegant and simple way.

A vibrant shade of green was used as the colour throughout the CLN brand, as it is often associated with progress and success the world over.

As well as creating a new logo design for CLN I was also tasked with creating their brand new website design.  Following the recent trend of government websites in the UK to be very simple, focusing on ease of navigation and presentation of information, I opted to create a similar website design for CLN. A lot of whitespace is used within the websites design in order to allow the imagery used on the pages to stand out and to draw the users attention to it.