Client: Monarch Cupcake
Skill: Logo Design

Monarch Cupcake is a new cupcake shop opening in an exclusive district of Tokyo, Japan. The brief was to design a logo that would represent the high class world of fashion around where the shop is based, and also the product itself.

It was made clear from the start that the logo was not to simply be a cupcake illustration, as this is a concept that has been outplayed and would not be remembered. The end result was to create a typographic symbol for the logo combining the M and C as is often done in fashion labels, and encircle it with a cupcake wrapper, one of the most easily identifiable elements of a cupcake.

The typography in the logo is a customised weight of Simplifica, which is a very modern and sharp typeface. This is accompanied by some wide-set type  for the word London in a classic serif font as a connection to the history of the city.