Client: Monitor Healthcare
Skill: Website Design, WordPress, Responsive Design

Following on from the brand identity project I completed for Monitor healthcare I was then asked to create a new website allowing the organization to reach as many people as possible.

It was important that the new website tied seamlessly in with the new brand identity created in order to present a strong and cohesive brand image.  The main elements of the brand identity was the use of white-space, along with the vibrancy of the colours in the organizations new logo.

All of these features were included in the website, including the multicoloured stripe that can be seen across all of the printed material.

Not only was it important that the website look as good as possible, it also had to function correctly. As the large majority of traffic for the site will come from Nigeria it was crucial that the website was mobile friendly due to the high amount of mobile traffic from the country.

The Monitor Healthcare was designed to be as responsive as possible and work across a multitude of devices and screen resolutions.