Client: Natalie Hewitt
Skill: Website Design, WordPress, Responsive Design

Natalie Hewitt is a wedding and event planner from the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire area who got in touch with me as she was relaunching her part-time business as a full time profession.

We discussed the new brand identity in detail, and although I did not create the new brand I was involved enough to have a very good understanding of the visual presence Natalie wanted to convey. The main aim was something very crisp. Something that would allow the striking imagery tell the story and not something overly feminine, flowery or ‘swirly’ in design.

By using a clear grid system and straight edges along with very little colour, other than the images themselves, the website has a very minimalistic style, which is exactly what was desired.

As with any website in this day and age it needed to be responsive to allow uses on mobile devices to access the site, and be able to updated and maintained by Natalie herself.

The final part of the project was an initial SEO setup of the website. This included page titles, descriptions, internal page linking and synchronising the website with the various Google tools available. The result of this saw the website climb to the first page of Google within 1 month for Natalie’s key search term ‘Wedding planner Lincolnshire’.