Client: Pete Thornley Photography
Skill: Logo Design

Pete Thornley, of Wold View Photography, is someone I’ve worked with before and he needed a new logo for his sideline project as a landscape photographer.

The logo needed to represent him as a photographer, and his beliefs in what makes a great image great. A big misconception in photography is that the subject matter is all there is to it, and as long as you have a great scene in front of you anyone can create a great photo from it. The truth is far from this. This is represented in the logo by the lens that is divided in two, one half to represent the skill involved in finding a great scene, and the other half to represent the skill involved in portraying that through the camera in the best possible way.

By having the symbol half colour and half grey is a nod to the effect shooting in colour or black and white can have on the emotions created by the image.