Client: Shepherd Food Ministries
Skill: Logo Design, Brand identity Design, Website Design

Shepherd Food Ministries are a Lincoln based charity with great ambitions in helping underprivileged children and widows in Nigeria. As a result of their ambitions they wanted their branding to reflect the passion and professionalism they, as a company, pride themselves on. As Shepherd Food Ministries predominantly work in helping young people learn to support themselves through sustainable agriculture I felt their branding should reflect the Earth itself.

This can be seen in the circle of the ‘Shepherds Crook’ in the logo and also in the representation of soil and grass in the green and brown colour scheme of the stationery, and throughout the branding. The website design needed to be kept clean and easy to use as a lot of SFM’s followers are people who may not be the most technically aware. I wanted to use the identity created in the branding as much as possible in the website through the use of the fonts, colours and the brown stripe.