Client: Totally Tennis
Skill: Logo Design

After completing a brand identity and website design project for personal trainer Simon James I was asked by Simon to refresh the existing logo of the tennis centre he is associated with, Totally Tennis.

The brief for the project was to keep the overall theme from the existing logo in place but to give a more welcoming, fun and refreshing appearance.

One of the main issues with the old logo design was how heavy and masculine it was in appearance, which is the wrong message for a centre that welcomes people of all ages and from all walks of life. To combat this the logo was removed from a heavy block of colour and allowed to stand-alone and breathe giving a much lighter and fresher appearance, regardless of colour.

The symbol itself was redrawn more geometrically to better emphasize the tennis ball within the logo, as well as lowering the thickness of the lines creating a more elegant symbol.

Another big issue with the old logo was how heavy and dated looking the type was. The new type used is far lighter and more welcoming as well as being a longer lasting typeface that isn’t simply ‘on trend’ at the moment.

The final piece of the puzzle was working out a new colour scheme for the centre. The old blue and grey was very dull, uninspiring and very masculine. To combat this I opted to use very vivid and bright shades of blue and green combined with a light grey type giving an overall feeling of fun, which is exactly what sport should be about.