Client: Pinewood Park
Skill: Logo Design, Brand identity Design, Website Design

Pinewood Park is a holiday park based in Scarborough, UK. It specialises in a Native American style holiday experience, with everything from Western style log cabins through to traditional Native American tipis.

I was tasked with creating a new logo design and brand identity to convey the nature of the holidays they offer. Whilst the park offers a very traditional holiday and camping experience, they needed a logo and  brand identity that was modern, in order to appeal to a wide market and clientele.

As Pinewood Park’s main selling point is their tipi holidays, it seemed appropriate that their identity represent this. I created a simple and recognisable symbol of a tipi that is versatile, and can be used over a variety of mediums. Alongside the symbol is the parks name, in a traditional looking typeface that is instantly recognisable as being Western style, but that is still easily legible and scales well.

The Park’s identity is based around a traditional ‘Western’ look and feel, with wood textures and aged paper being used. The identity offers a modern, but very authentic looking design that will stand out from their competitors, whilst also remaining professional in its appearance.

As well as a logo and brand identity, Pinewood Park also required a new website design to compliment their new look. The website design ties in seamlessly with the brand identity, giving users a simple and navigable website, that is visually pleasing to use, whilst also remaining true to the parks new brand identity.