The Brief

Taking the step to branch out on your own after working in an industry is a daunting task. Phil at Willows Lodges wanted to make sure his new venture got off to the best start possible.

Having worked with companies previously in the same industry, as well as one in a similar off-shoot, I felt perfectly placed to be able to undertake this project.

The brief was to create a new logo design, brand identity & website design for Willows Lodges. This new brand had to reflect the style of operation at Willows Lodges, and appeal to the older generation, whilst also remaining approachable to their children.

A new garden lodge is a big investment and the Willows Lodges brand and website needed to reaffirm to customers that they were spending their hard earned cash with a professional, high end establishment.

The Solution

Garden lodge and annexe companies are popping up all over the UK and they’re becoming a go to solution for families with different housing needs. I wanted to create a brand for Willows Lodges that gave an air of luxury that also stayed connected to the natural theme of the company name.

Project Elements

Logo Design

A big no from the start of this project was basing the logo around a ‘lodge’ as it would get lost in a sea of similar logos. I chose to base the logo design around the name of the company providing an elegant and timeless design that’s easily recognisable.

Brand Identity

The Willows Lodge brand needed to portray elegance and luxury, along with a sense of solidity. By using rich greens alongside natural leaf patterns the connection back to the longevity and safety of nature is present throughout the brand identity.

Website Design

Websites are often the first port of call for prospective customers and it’s crucial they give the right impression. I designed the Willows Lodges website to get straight to the point and provide customers with information without overwhelming them.

Logo Design

Willows Lodges is a company striving to build some of the most high end garden lodges in the UK. They are a company that doesn’t skimp when it comes to materials used, or in their customer service.

They needed a logo that would reflect this high end operation and the perfect place to start was with the name itself: Willows.

The willow tree is iconic, providing shelter with its swooping branches, and elegance with its elongated leaves. It was the perfect starting point for a new logo design.

I chose to simplify a willow tree and make it a bit more abstract in order to make the logo more recognisable, and so it could be integrated into the name of the company. 

Brand Identity

Corporate Typography

The combination of an elegant heading typeface combined with the robust, no-nonsense typeface used for content in the Willows Lodges brand provides the perfect balance of luxury and efficiency that the company aims to provide.

Professional & Trustworthy Colours

The connection back to nature, and the willow tree is created via the use of the Willows Lodges colour palette. Utilising an array of rich and pastel greens that provide a calming and traditional feel across the brand identity. 

Branded Materials

In order to add more depth and visual interest across the Willows Lodges brand identity a seamless pattern of willow leaves was used as a background on printed and digital materials. When combined with large amounts of whitespace and carefully balanced elements on pages, a traditional yet minimal appearance was created to reflect the modern, professional services provided.

Stationery Design

As Willows Lodges deals largely with the elderly population it was important that physical materials were designed that could be handed directly to customers. These came in the form of business cards, letterhead, and  document a folder that all project materials can be handed to the customer in.

Brochure Design

So prospective customers have a physical item to hold onto and revert back to whenever they want, a brochure was designed outlining the services and products available from Willows Lodges. Although this information is covered by the website, we felt it important to give customers something substantial they can keep hold of as a reminder of the Willows brand.

website design

Bespoke Design

The design of the Willows Lodges website aimed to create something that was elegant and luxurious, whilst at the same time remaining modern and up to date with current website trends. At the forefront of the design was conveying information as simply as possible.

Custom Lodge Pages

One of the key aspects of the website is the lodges themselves. These were created using a custom post type that can be easily updated with different information about each lodge within the same template, so that users can easily compare the information between each model.

Beautifully Responsive

At the heart of the Willows Lodges website design is responsiveness ensuring that no matter what device the website is viewed on all users get the same great experience, look and feel, and ease of use when finding information about their new garden lodge.