The Brief

In order to take the next step up from local tradesman to becoming a regional company, which can compete for larger contracts, JP Stuart got in touch asking for a new logo design and brand identity that could represent them.

The contractors and trade market is saturated with small businesses and sole traders, it’s difficult to make a business stand out in the crowd. This is especially important when looking at expansion into bigger markets, competing for bigger jobs. 

My task was to ensure that JP Stuart had the visual appeal to go toe to toe with larger more recognised brands.

The Solution

The key to any successful branding project is research. Research into the history of the company, its future goals, and who their target clientele are. All of this research stood me in good stead to be able to create a logo design and brand identity that was not only visually appealing, but also functional and representational of the client.

Project Elements

Logo Design

The key aspect to this project was creating a logo for JP Stuart that had a look and feel of a large, established contracting company. A run of the mill ‘clip art’ style logo used by many local businesses just wasn’t going to cut it.

Brand Identity

A fantastic logo is nothing without a solid brand identity to back it up. I needed to create a modern, robust and dynamic brand identity to reflect the professionalism and skills JP Stuart offer.

Logo Design

The JP Stuart logo design process started with brainstorming out ideas based on different aspects of the company and their services. It soon became clear that this route was going to pigeon hole them into specific contracts instead of being looked at for larger scale, multi-disciplinary jobs.

As a result of this I needed to create something that was bespoke to JP Stuart, it’s history, and it’s future aspirations. The perfect way of doing this was to base the logo around the initials of it’s founder: JPS.

The JPS symbol demonstrates the individual sectors JP Stuart work within. They come together to show how JP Stuart can combine these specialities to provide a complete service.

Brand Identity

Corporate Typography

The typefaces chosen for the JP Stuart brand have been selected because of their easy legibility and no-nonsense professional approach. The logo typeface is used sparingly across the brand so that the impact of the typeface within the logo design is not lost.

Professional & Trustworthy Colours

The JP Stuart corporate colours have been selected to symbolise trust and efficiency along with familiarity within the construction industry. Darker, muted blues allow the two accent colours to stand out, drawing attention to specific elements within a design.

Branded Materials

One of the stand-out features of the JP Stuart brand is the clipping of hero images on documents and marketing material. The shape of the logo symbol is utilised to create a unique image mask which ties into the brand identity perfectly, and reiterates the impact of the logo.

Stationery Design

In an increasingly digital world, the construction and contracting industry can often be very old school in it’s day to day dealings. As a result a full stationery set including business cards, letterhead, and quotation templates needed to be designed.

Uniform & Signage

Making a brand as visible as possible at all times is crucial. Whenever JP Stuart are working on site, or even travelling to and from it, their uniform design, signage and even their vehicle livery will ensure they build brand recognition.