The Brief

GlosHomes for Communities approached me about a brand overhaul in order to better convey what they did and their ethos and values.

The new logo design and brand identity needed to be vibrant, welcoming and instil a sense of community and togetherness. Along with the new logo and brand identity, they also required a brochure to be able to send to people and act as a template for future branded materials.

The Solution

A modern, fresh and approachable brand identity was key to helping GlosHomes reach more customers and provide them with a visual foundation on which to build.

Creating a new logo design, combined with a comprehensive visual identity, allowed GlosHomes to move forward with their marketing and engagement plans safe in the knowledge that their public facing image was friendly and trustworthy.

Project Elements

Logo Design

The initial part of the GlosHomes project was to design them a new logo that would better represent the organisation as a whole, and reflect their aims and ethos.

Brand Identity

Secondly, a comprehensive brand identity needed to be created to ensure that GlosHomes was recognisable across all mediums to instil trust with customers.

A Fresh Logo Design

The logo design for GlosHomes For Communities is more than just a group of houses. The arrangement and size of each individual house creates an eight pointed star in the negative space, whilst the base of the houses forms a uniform circle to symbolise the community aspect of the organisation.

Brand Identity

Bold Typography

GlosHomes for Communities utilises two different typefaces within the brand identity. These are both used within the logo itself, and will be used separately within the brand for headings and content.

Vibrant Colours

Colours are powerful in portraying a brand message and ethos. The colour palette for GlosHomes For Communities has been designed to be vibrant and welcoming.


Icons are a great way to grab attention and make content easier to understand. GlosHomes For Communities has two different colour schemes for the icon set, both dark and light variations.

branded materials

Having completed a more dynamic, welcoming, and exciting brand identity for GlosHomes I was asked to then use this to create a stationery set and marketing products.

This included a business card and letterhead design for office use, as well as a brochure to send out to prospective customers, and signage to engage and attract new customers to GlosHomes.

Stationery Design

Stationery is an important part of the GlosHomes brand and was designed to remain consistent in order to maintain the impact and effect of the brand identity as a whole.

Marketing Material

A new catalogue and banners were designed to help get the message of GlosHomes out into the community. These initial designs are also the template for any future marketing materials to be based on.