About UK Logo Designer Mark Sims

A decade of logo design

I love what I do and I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to create and design logos for companies around the world for over a decade. Ever since I designed my first logo for a relative’s business back in my late teens I was hooked. Designing logos and identities is something I’m still as passionate about now, as I was back then.

What I do

It’s probably quite clear by now that I’m a freelance logo designer. That’s the main bread and butter of what I do. For me a logo is one of the most important visual aspects of your business, and it needs to be given appropriate time and attention.

On top of the actual logo design, I also undertake larger projects to develop a full comprehensive brand identity for businesses, including an online presence and corporate photography. As these are more in-depth projects that require a larger skill set, I undertake projects through a remote design agency I founded. Working alongside some great freelancers I know from other industry sectors allows Foundation Design Agency to be a complete creative solution.

I love what I do, and I channel that passion into every logo I create.

How I work

First and foremost I like to get to know my clients and their business. For me the most important aspect of any logo design project is having an understanding of who you are designing for.

Having an understanding of a company’s beliefs and ambitions allows me to develop a concept that isn’t just a superficial symbol, but something that has depth and meaning that will be able to represent a company for it’s lifespan.

Only after all relevant research been carried out, and a couple of solid conceptual directions have been agreed, does any ‘designing’ take place. I strongly believe that the concept behind a design is the most integral aspect to any project, ensuring your logo truly represents your business.

Obviously that doesn’t mean I don’t value the appearance of a logo. I will always put time into creating a visually appealing, well structured and well balanced logo for you.

Client Testimonial

Mark from the start has been absolutely brilliant! He took on the task of creating me a very individual, professional looking logo and did exactly that. I was very impressed with how quickly Mark got to work on my design and I am extremely happy with the end result. I would recommend Mark to anyone wanting a professional looking brand identity, a pleasure to work with.

- Simon James

I'm a huge Arizona Cardinals fan - this was an amazing day

Who am I?

Having grown up in the middle of the North Pennines, in a small remote town, it’s fair to say I’m a country boy through and through. Give me some rolling fells over city lights any day of the week. In fact, the Lake District is still my favourite place on Earth, I honestly don’t really know how you top it. 

I’m a big music fan, in particular country, but anything that’s well written and easy on the ears is fine by me. I do on the odd occasion still pick up the old guitar and have a bit of song writing session myself!

My other big passion in life is the NFL, particularly the Arizona Cardinals. I’ve been a die hard fan since 2007 and football dominates my Sundays for 5 months of the year. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet their Head Coach, President, General Manager and a couple of star players recently.