The Brief

Compound Golf approached me looking for a new logo design to represent them. As a keen golfer myself I felt perfectly suited to undertake the challenge.

The golf marketplace is huge, and saturated with different brands offering different unique selling points. What makes Compound Golf stand out is their commitment to being environmentally friendly.

What made this project more exciting was the challenge of creating a unique logo and brand identity in a saturated market that didn’t just go with the flow of traditional golf logos. It needed to be simple, modern and flexible enough to be used in small scale stitching.

The Solution

I knew from the start that this project was ideal for my skillset and passion for the game of golf. Modern, clean, fresh, simple…these are all words I love to hear from a client briefing. 

The clear starting point was to create a logo that represented the sport of golf itself. Something that isn’t generally seen within established golfing brands currently out there. But Compound Golf wasn’t about maintaining the course in how golf is perceived by people…

Project Elements

Logo Design

The logo design for Compound Golf was created to represent the sport of golf, along with the name of the company, in a way that was simple and easily recognisable. 

Brand Identity

Following on from the logo design, the creation of a vibrant and modern brand identity helped solidify Compound Golf as a serious entity within the golfing universe.

Logo Design

At the heart of the Compound Golf brand identity is the logo design. This has been created to have a primary focus of being simple and easy to recognise, and with the ability to be stitched and/or printed at small sizes on numerous clothing items. The logo itself is based around the ‘C’ from Compound, and the game of golf itself, as represented by a ball going into a hole, or a C in this case.

Along with the literal representation of the name, and the sport of golf, the logo also represents the forward thinking nature of Compound Golf. This is represented in the ball ‘breaking out’ of the circle and no longer being restrained by the norms of the industry.

Brand Identity

A typeface to stand out

One of the most important factors to a brand identity is the typeface used in the logo and across all branded material. Compound Golf are modern and forward thinking not common associations with the world of golf. Bilo Bold in the logotype accompanied by Open Sans Bold and Regular for headings and general type convey this approach perfectly.

Bold, vibrant colours

The Compound Golf corporate colours have been selected to symbolise the environment and the sport of golf. A vibrant orange is the primary accent colour representing light, warmth and hope, this is used primarily with a dark, rich green to represent the Earth.

Branded Materials

With a finalised brand identity in place I then moved on to creating a catalogue of branded materials for Compound Golf using the identity to it’s maximum potential.

Along with a full stationery set consisting of business cards, letterhead and catalogue cover I also gave guidance on how future Compound Golf clothing and apparel could be designed using the corporate colour scheme and logo in order to create a well rounded, cohesive product line.

Stationery Design

All of the stationery designed for Compound Golf, ranging from business cards through to catalogue covers, has consistency and cohesiveness in mind. All materials were provided in both print ready and editable formats.

Clothing & Apparel

As Compound Golf are a clothing and apparel company it was imperative to give guidance on initial colour combinations, logo placement, logo sizing, and general style so that moving forward all future garments are instantly recognisable as Compound Golf.