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Free Fonts vs Premium Fonts

Premium Fonts vs Free Fonts – Which should you choose?

Type is everywhere. No matter where you look you are likely to see some sort of wording. That’s not at all surprising, the written word is one of the main ways we as a species communicate. But have you ever stopped to really look at the wording? We all know different fonts exist, we’ve all...
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UK logo designer – back in the game…

It’s been a VERY long time since I was actively a UK logo designer. This is down to a number of reasons which I’ll get into during this little post. Now though, I’m making logo design a priority for myself and I’m excited about getting back to it! Logo designer or web designer? One of...
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Using Forums as a Freelance Designer

Why you should be using forums as a freelance designer

There are many, many forums out there offering a place for designers of all ages, abilities and experience to meet like-minded people and learn from one another. So why should you use them? I’ve been an active member of Estetica Design Forum for many years and it has been a huge help to me during...
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1 Year as a Freelance Logo Designer

12 Months On…What I’ve learned from my first year of being a freelance logo designer.

1 year ago I made a pretty big life decision. I chose to leave university and dive head first into the world of freelancing. Although it was not a totally new world to me, I had freelanced part-time, I had never had to rely solely on my abilities as a designer to support myself. When...
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Business handshake

How do you secure payment?

It’s as inevitable as the tide is daily that, at some point during your time as a designer, you will encounter a client who, to put it bluntly, tries to take the absolute Michael. Rest assured you are not alone. At the end of the day these client will always exist, it’s in our nature...
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Graduation caps being thrown.

Design degree done. What now?

It’s that time of year, here in the UK at least, when those 3 years of hard graft, long nights, and living off Tesco value corn flakes finally pay off. Graduation. Finally there will be no more stressing over deadlines, no more projects that do your head in, no more tutors telling you what you...
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Stressed student with books

Is University Really Worth It?

It’s a question that plagues young designers around the world, but since the rise in tuition fees here in the UK it’s something I’ve been thinking about more and more. I myself was one of the last few years of students to get the cheaper tuition fees of around £3,500 per year; when you look...
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