Benchmark Fitness Solutions Logo Design - White

Logo Concept

As a leading supplier or spare parts and after sales support for fitness equipment within the UK, Benchmark Fitness Solutions needed a logo design and brand identity to suitably represent them. A key focus of the logo design was to ensure it reflected the solid support system they have in place, instilling confidence in their customers.

Due to the nature of the services offered by Benchmark they’re seen as the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the fitness industry, keeping everything together and working well.

This influenced the concept behind the symbol in the logo design, with three nuts representing the three brands of treadmills they offer support and spare parts for. 

The concept of nuts then continues throughout the brand identity to create a more memorable appearance, re-enforcing the brand message and providing cohesion to the identity as a whole.

Benchmark Fitness Solutions Logo Design - Colour

Client Comment

From a zero level of knowledge and ideas Mark helped us through every stage of developing our brand identity and website. Mark was very easy to work with and gave us the confidence to move forward with the project. We were pleased with the options given and our chosen theme and it helped us to feel that our company was now a credible entity.

We would certainly recommend Mark especially if, like ourselves, you were initially cautious about moving forward with a brand and website.

- Lee Smith