The Brief

Infinity Engineering approached me as they wanted to refresh their brand image, which has stagnated and didn’t fully represent the ambitions and forward thinking nature of the company.

They had an existing logo based around an ‘Infinity Cube’ but the overall look and feel was very dated and looked more like something produced in the late 90’s relying heavily on embossed effects.

With Infinity looking to grow and expand into evermore international territories it was important that the company logo and brand conveyed this ambition in a visual manner.

The Solution

Exploration of new ideas was going to be key during this project, as was further development of existing concepts and ideas, which, whilst having not been implemented well, still had a good basis.

Moving forward from the logo it was clear that Infinity needed a cohesive brand they could work with across multiple mediums from office stationery through to future website design and development.

Project Elements

Logo Development

The first aspect of this project was to look at the Infinity Engineering logo design. What new concepts could be explored? How could the existing logo be improved?

Brand Identity

Once a new logo design had been developed it was crucial that the rest of the company brand identity was a cohesive, visual representation of the aims and ambitions of Infinity Engineering.

Existing Logo Development

After exploring several new avenues for a logo design for Infinity Engineering, we both came to the conclusion that the strongest option moving forward was to stick with redeveloping their existing logo.

The ‘infinity cube’ was already a strong representation of the company, it just wasn’t being presented as such. By really simplifying the design, removing shadows and bevels (any effect to add a ‘3D’ visual) the symbol instantly became more striking and modern.

This combined with a new typeface that was spaced out, allowing it to breathe and be easily legible, created a logo that was really fit for purpose.

Brand Identity

Crisp, clean typeface

Typefaces are an integral part of a brand identity. They say a lot about a company and what they stand for. Infinity is forward thinking and ambitious, Intervogue is a great font that reflects this. It’s crisp, clean and offers that something unique to other sans serif fonts, its slightly extended peaks, going just above and beyond. Like Infinity Engineering does.

Complimentary Colours

Developing the colour scheme for Infinity was as straightforward as it gets. Their existing colour scheme was a pale, flat blue, and a dull red. Whilst the concept behind the colours was good (heat exchange within a turbine), the application was flat and boring. I introduced more vibrancy in the colours and implemented them into a gradient allowing the calming nature of purple to also be utilised.

Branded materials

Infinity Engineering had never had a cohesive and meaningful brand identity created for the business, it was just a logo slapped onto a document, or website header. 

Once the basis of the new brand identity had been created I could then move on to creating branded materials for Infinity. These were designed to be very light and airy using a lot of whitespace, with subtle hints of the Infinity gradient used to frame and separate different elements. 

Stationery Design

I created numerous stationery items for Infinity Engineering including business card, letterhead, and and invoice template. All designed to be cohesive, easy to read and eye catching due to the use of the Infinity gradient. 

Proposal Document

As well as office stationery I also created a proposal that Infinity can use to send out to prospective clients and existing clients explaining and outlining what they can provide. This was designed to display information as clearly as possible, whilst still remaining pleasing to the eye.