+moregiving WEBSITE DESIGN

I was asked by John Gallery to design him a website for his new company +moregiving. They provide branded donation portals for charities and companies as an alternative to JustGiving, as well as consultation and other services to help increase public donations.

Having worked with John in the past I knew he’d give me full reign to do what I thought was best when it came to the +moregiving website. 

Keeping everything as simple and to the point was the main emphasis, along with vibrancy through the colour scheme and excitement and inspiration in the pictures used. The whole website design uses a slightly asymmetric layout that’s a bit ‘outside of the box’ just like +moregiving offers a more unique, and outside of the box, solution to fundraising.

Website TypeBrochure

Client Comment

Mark has given us exactly what we needed – a website that is clear, informative and gets our brand message across. Easy to work with and flexible about making the functionality work the way we wanted, Mark has delivered what we were promised.

- John Gallery