PRO Building Control Logo Design

The Brief

PRO Building Control is a new independent Approved Inspector based in Grantham, Nottinghamshire. Founded in 2017 by Richard Cann, an inspector with over 2 decades of experience, it aims to bring all of the knowledge and expertise of large companies down to a more personable level.

Richard asked me to create his whole brand identity from scratch. Starting with the logo design and running through to corporate colours, typefaces, stationery and other branded materials. As well as developing a brand guideline so that nothing strayed from the new identity in the future.

It was important to Richard that the new identity reflected his beliefs of being uncluttered and efficient in order to provide the best possible service for his customers.

The Solution

Creating a whole brand identity from scratch is both daunting and exciting. With so many possible avenues to go down it’s important to get it right from the get go. After consulting with Richard about how he wanted his company portrayed visually I had a good idea of what he was expecting. From here I developed a few ideas for him to choose from, and then developed his chosen idea into the identity here.

Project Elements

Logo Design

The logo design for PRO was created to visually represent what services are offered by the company in a way that’s efficient and simple to represent their working values.

Brand Identity

Having created a new logo design which perfectly suited PRO’s position in the industry I continued to design a comprehensive brand identity that would ensure anything produced would instantly be ‘PRO’.

Logo Design

The importance of a logo design for a brand cannot be underestimated. It goes on everything created by that company and is how people visually identify it. 

I wanted a to design a logo for PRO that would be simple to identity, yet elegant in what it was representing. The logo symbol itself is made of up from 4 different elements all of which are important in the roles PRO has a company.

Accompanying the logo symbol is the type which was selected to be strong, bold, and efficient. Two different type options are available based on how big or small the logo will be to ensure the name is always fully legible.

Brand Identity

Crisp, clean typeface

A typeface can say a lot about a company, their ethos and working practice. PRO are a now frills company that doesn’t try to confuse or make matters more complicated than they need to be. Mr Eaves Mod (Heavy & Book) were perfect to represent this. It’s a clear, easy to read and simply gets the job done, everything that PRO is.

Complimentary Colours

Colours, and their effect on psychology, are endless. Picking the right ones to represent a business can make a huge difference. I chose to use three main colours for the PRO brand, with a Mint Green being used as the primary due to green’s connotations of safety and passing inspection. This was combined with deep pink and blue, both of which are calming, safe colours.

branded materials

With the brand identity laid out it was time to create printed and digital materials for PRO that utilised this new identity. 

I created a full stationery set so that any in-house materials used are always cohesive and carry the PRO brand effectively. Alongside this I also created a proposal document/brochure that can be sent out to prospective clients outlining the job in hand, whilst also introducing PRO as a company providing background information on them allowing the recipient to understand fully who they’re working with.

Stationery Design

The stationery design for PRO included business cards, letterhead, invoice template, folder cover and project outlines. All of these were designed to be cohesive, and provided in both print ready, and editable formats.

Proposal Document

One of the most important documents that PRO will use is the initial proposal sent out to new clients. This outlines the scope of a project and any time-frames and costs. I created a simple to follow document that also introduces PRO as company so prospective clients get to know them a bit better. This was delivered in an editable format to be saved as a PDF to send to clients.

Client Comment

After an initial meeting to draw out PRO’s position in the construction industry, our services provided and our approach to client support, Mark met every self imposed deadline with a creative eye and a friendly approach. We are thrilled with the results.

Mark  has translated perfectly all our discussions, the resulting logo philosophy and designs for PRO’s key business documentation communicates our desire to deliver personable, competent and trustworthy consultancy services. Thank you, I’m sure we’ll need your input again in the future!

- Richard Cann