Simon James Logo Design - White

Logo Concept

I was approached by personal trainer Simon James to develop a new logo design for his personal training business.

He wanted a typographic logo design, using the initials from his name, to create a symbol that could be used devoid of text. The symbol is made up of an S and J separated by a line which can be seen as either a custom stylised ‘S’ but also two ‘Js’ interlinking.

As Simon is a personal trainer I wanted the new logo design to reflect the relationship between trainer and client being joined, as can be seen in the S and J. Combined with a strong italic font symbolizing movement forward and progression the overall feel of the logo is one that is very much in the sport and leisure industry.

Simon James Logo Design

Client Comment

Mark from the start has been absolutely brilliant! He took on the task of creating me a very individual, professional looking logo and did exactly that. I was very impressed with how quickly Mark got to work on my design and I am extremely happy with the end result. I would recommend Mark to anyone wanting a professional looking brand identity, a pleasure to work with.

- Simon James