Simon James Logo Design - White

Logo Concept

I was approached by personal trainer Simon James to develop a new logo design for his tennis coaching and personal training business.

He wanted a logo that was vibrant, easy to recognise and represented what he did. I opted for a circular design to reflect the shape of a tennis ball. As Simon’s business is comprised of 3 sections (tennis coaching, mentoring, and personal training) I opted to split the circle into 3 individual arcs.

Each of the arcs was then coloured based on the colours of surfaces of tennis courts. Green for grass, blue for hard-court, and orange for clay. This tied the whole symbol nicely back to the main focus of Simon’s business, tennis coaching.

Simon James Logo Design - Colour

Client Comment

Mark from the start has been absolutely brilliant! He took on the task of creating me a very individual, professional looking logo and did exactly that. I was very impressed with how quickly Mark got to work on my design and I am extremely happy with the end result. I would recommend Mark to anyone wanting a professional looking brand identity, a pleasure to work with.

- Simon James