Tetra Logo Design - White

Logo Concept

I was approached by Tetra create a new logo design and brand identity for them. Tetra recently expanded into two sub-brands, one for heating and one for plumbing, within one overarching brand. As a result I needed to create a logo design that would allow each of the sub-brands to be distinctive while also staying true to the main Tetra brand image.

Avoiding cliched and overused concepts for a logo design for a plumbing and heating business was key for this project. In a market that is heavily saturated with logos involving flames and water drops directed our focus towards utilising the name of the company itself.

A tetrahedron was a great solution for the symbol used within the new logo. It is instantly connected the name of the company and represents the three brands with the three sides of the symbol. Colour was used to separate the sub-brands, with an orange gradient for the heating element of the business, and a blue gradient for the plumbing. Both of these gradients were then combined for the overall brand, providing cohesion throughout the identity.