The Olive Grove - Logo

The Brief

Nestled in the heart of the market town of Worksop lies The Olive Grove. A quaint, rustic Mediterranean restaurant serving delicious home cooked food in a quiet, atmospheric setting.

The Olive Grove is the only restaurant of its kind in Worksop and they wanted to show themselves off in the best possible light. To do this they needed a brand identity that would reflect the image and ethos of the restaurant. 

Along with the brand identity and logo design they also needed a platform to market the restaurant to locals and non-locals alike.

The Solution

The goal for this project was to create a brand identity for The Olive Grove that reflects the authentic, rustic feel that the restaurant has. This could then be implemented across a new website and advertising posters, as well as internal material to bring the whole image of the restaurant together.

Project Elements

Brand Identity

A unique selling point of The Olive Grove as a restaurant is how much you feel like you’re in a Mediterranean bistro and not in the town centre of an ex mining town in Nottinghamshire.  The brand identity for The Olive Grove needed to emphasize this.

Website Design

One of the first things anyone does when looking for somewhere to eat is go online. A new website design for The Olive Grove would give a great first impression to these potential customers.


The Olive Grove’s location means that, although it’s on the high street, it’s often missed by passers by. To grab people’s attention we created a series of posters they could use on a-boards in a more prominent position.

New brand identity

The Olive Grove is rustic and charming, the new brand identity needed to be exactly that. I chose to run with the name as a starting point for the colour scheme for the identity. The 2 primary colours of green and brown are based on the idea of an olive tree, and really help create that rustic feel.

In addition to the colour scheme adding a touch of Mediterranean tradition, I used a textured paper on all branded materials to really emphasise the rustic charm that runs throughout the restaurant.

website design

Bespoke Design

A new website design for The Olive Grove was created to tie in nicely with the brand identity that I’d created. The traditional serif typeface was used, along with the paper texture providing great cohesion through the brand.

In-Browser Menus

A huge issue with many restaurant websites is the menus themselves. Often left as a PDF that users have to download to view which is incredibly annoying, especially on mobile devices. The Olive Grove website is different. All of the menus can be viewed right from your browser.

Beautifully Responsive

People are on the move more and more. So having a website that functioned as well on a mobile device as on a desktop or laptop was crucial. All aspects of the website for The Olive Grove was built with mobile browsing in mind.


The location of The Olive Grove is what helps make it the rustic, authentic feeling Mediterranean restaurant that it is. Unfortunately, this location means many people walk by without noticing it. I created a series of posters that can be displayed in an A-board on the main high street to grab people’s attention and get them to walk down the alley to see more.

As well as advertising posters for the street, I also created a series of posters to be used in the restaurant to advertise things like specials, and upcoming events. All tied into the new brand identity so everything in The Olive Grove looks like it belongs there.

Restaurant Posters

For each campaign I created numerous newspaper adverts, in 3 different sizes that could be sent to local newspapers. Depending on what space is available, LFW now have a print ready file at their disposal.

Advertising Posters

As well as newspaper ads, I created posters of various sizes, along with flyers so that no matter what channel of marketing LFW chose for a campaign, they had the collateral ready to go.

Client Comment

We could not be happier with the decision to let Mark refresh our brand identity, everything just looks so much more complete than before. This combined with our fantastic new website has had a dramatic impact on the amount of bookings we have had.

Mark is a pleasure to work with and really take the time to get to know you and that shows in the level of work he produces, and the customer service he offers. Thank you so much!

- Martyn Wilkinson