Client: Black Beauty System
Skill: Logo Design

I was approached by new PC company ‘Black Beauty Systems’ to design their logo and brand identity.

Black Beauty Systems build high end desktop PC systems using nothing but the best internal parts. They wanted a brand identity that would reflect that they were a high end technology company. However, they did not want a futuristic, alien looking identity as used by most companies in this market.

The logo design for Black Beauty Systems is based around two aspects, firstly the letter b, and secondly the internal parts of a PC (namely the motherboard).

The symbol used in the logo design is made up from 6 letter b’s arranged into a concentric pattern. By using the negative space from each letter b a pattern was formed to mimic that of the soldering used on motherboards.

When it came to designing the brand identity I opted to keep the design very minimal, clean and functional. The reasoning behind this was to reflect the no none-sense approach to the desktop systems that Black Beauty Systems produce.

Working with Mark has been an absolute pleasure. He took the time to really get to know my business and instilled confidence from the off. I couldn’t be happier with the brand identity that he created and I am proud to have it represent my company. Many thanks.

Tom Egan - Founder