LFW Logo

The Brief

Ladies Fitness & Wellness (LFW) found themselves in a position where their public facing image wasn’t what it should be. They had operated for numerous years without a professional designer on hand to help steer the brand in the direction it needed to.

Having once been a leading force in the women’s fitness industry in the country, with over 40 franchises nationwide, LFW found themselves in rebuild mode after the recession hit. 

They approached me for help as the new business model for LFW was ready to go, but they didn’t want to launch with the same dated, and thrown together, appearance they had previously. They needed new, they needed exciting, and they needed cohesion.

The Solution

In order to really help LFW I had to start almost from scratch. This meant a massive overhaul of the brand identity with a new website design and marketing materials to go with it. By being responsible for the entire re-brand of LFW meant that the final product was something that was cohesive and flowed perfectly together.

Project Elements

Brand Identity

The first aspect of this project was to look at the brand identity. Something that hadn’t been addressed in nearly a decade, and something that hadn’t been looked after well at all.

Website Design

Once a new brand identity had been created I built a new website for LFW focusing on the new bright, light and energetic tones that were laid out in the brand identity aspect of the project.

Advertising & Marketing

The final aspect of this project was to create a series of marketing materials that utilised the new brand identity to direct people to the new website.

New brand identity

By the time I was approached by LFW their current brand identity was near non existent. There was the original logo that had been designed some years before and still being used, but other than that everything else was just thrown together by anyone and everyone.

As the logo was already on a lot of signage and gym equipment it wasn’t feasible to change this due to costs. I instead chose to create a simplified version of it that could be used. The identity as a whole needed to be fresh, modern and exciting. 

I created a new colour scheme based around a bright magenta, coupled with some supporting colours, and combined this with large, dominating type. This achieved the desired look and feel that represented the energy that was now being put back into LFW.

website design

Bespoke Design

A new website is nearly always a great idea, unless it bears no similarity to the brand it’s representing. The new LFW website design was created to match the new brand identity perfectly, providing cohesion to the brand as a whole.

Beautifully Responsive

The previous LFW website was pretty dated, and as such didn’t work in today’s browsing climate. With mobile devices becoming more and more prominent in how we browse, having a website that worked beautifully across all screen sizes was a must. 

Advanced CMS

The LFW website was built on WordPress allowing for easy updates and management. This is further enhanced by the simple ‘drag and drop’ page builder that allows the user to see their changes in real time in the admin section of the website.

advertising & marketing

Having completed the redesign of both the brand identity and website for LFW I sat down with them to discuss how to get the new brand out there. LFW had had success in the past using traditional marketing methods such as flyers and newspaper ads and they were keen to try this again. 

I helped them devise a series of campaigns for different times of the year, and then designed materials for them. This way LFW always had a campaign they could run any time of year, and have matching, cohesive materials for each one.

Newspaper Ads

For each campaign I created numerous newspaper adverts, in 3 different sizes that could be sent to local newspapers. Depending on what space is available, LFW now have a print ready file at their disposal.

Leaflets, Flyers & Posters

As well as newspaper ads, I created posters of various sizes, along with flyers so that no matter what channel of marketing LFW chose for a campaign, they had the collateral ready to go.

Client Comment

As a company we knew that we needed help to make us look as good as we felt and operated. Mark was absolutely brilliant from the off. He took the time to get to know us, the business, and how it all operated, as well as our target clientele. 

What he made for us is amazing. We now have a really exciting new brand that is really eye catching and speaks volumes about the new modern LFW. Our new website is now something to be proud of and having all of our marketing campaigns done so we can launch one at the drop of a hat is a life saver and means we can actually advertise easily again.

I really can’t thank Mark enough for all of the hard work he did for us.

- Jayne Bagnall