Oxfos Logo Design - White

Logo Concept

Oxfos is a personal training company with a difference. As well as guiding people through their fitness regimes and dietary needs they also aim to look at personal training from a more scientific point of view; using blood samples, body composition analysis and metabolic exercise tests.

The name Oxfos is derived from the word ‘oxphos’, an abbreviation of oxidative phosphorylation. In short this is the name of the process in the cells that generates the actual energy we need to power ourselves – Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP.

Due to the scientific nature of the business, and the name itself, it seemed only right that the logo design for Oxfos paid tribute to their scientific routes. The logo was based around the ATP molecule, which is the final result of the oxphos process. ATP is made up of an adenosine molecule, represented by a hexagon, and the three phosphate molecules, represented by circles.

Oxfos - Personal Trainer Logo Design

Client Comment

I hired Mark to design a logo for my new small business. The complete process went very smoothly and the end result was very satisfactory. Mark is an excellent communicator and it helped me a lot that he is also active on Facebook and Twitter. Important for me was that he did not feel too good to work with clients who have a small budget.

He informed me clearly what I would get for a certain price and discussed all options with me. I feel a good logo should be simple but still should tell the whole story. After giving Mark some background information about my small business he soon came up with two different concepts. After selecting one to continue with Mark further tweaked the logo based on his own knowledge, expertise from colleague graphic designers, and of course my input and feedback.

I got to learn Mark as creative and a perfectionist, which I feel is an excellent combination for someone working as a designer. I am very happy with the end result and would highly recommend Mark Sims.

- Sebastiaan Bol