Client: Haywards Horticulture
Skill: Brand Identity

This was a full branding solution for a gardening firm based in Sheffield, Haywards Horticulture. The initial concept for the branding was to base it around the nature of horticulture and gardening, whilst keeping the design very modern and contemporary.

Utilizing a leaf to represent the nature of the business, as opposed to a flower which could be perceived as feminine, the brand was kept very nondescript and appealing to both males and females. The logo mark itself has been designed to be used across numerous formats and has been kept very simple in it’s design. This allows the logo to be used in all colour versions and can be shrunk to small sizes without losing detail.

The custom gradient created to be used throughout the brand was designed to be very vivid and eye catching and something that would be instantly recognisable when used in different marketing materials and on the web.